Dove Awards and celebrating 100 years of Gospel Music! 

 Just returned home from a wonderful week in Nashville, TN. Monday night had to be one of my favorites nights of all time. Judy Nelon produced a program that included many great artist including, Triumphant Quartet,Guy Penrod, Karen Peck and New River, Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jason Crabb, The Bowlings, Gold City and many more. It was so good to see all all of our friends there. We enjoyed getting to sing with Robe and Crown with Karen and New River. I think one of the highlights for me was listening to the stories as a person from each group introduced the next group. There were great stories told, and I shared one about Karen and my father the practical joker. You will have to wait for the video to hear it though.

Tuesday continued on with the making of our first DVD in a while called "How Great Thou Art. Hopefully it will be out in the next few months. I think
Amber sings this as well as anything I have ever heard her sing. I want to say thank you to Diana Thomas and Family Friendly Network for working out all the details for the shoot.

Wednesday, was the start of the Dove Awards ceremony. It started with the pre-show at 4:30 pm. These are the awards given that are not shown on TV, but I must say that I thought the pre-show was as good or better than the real show. Stephen Hubbard produced this and it was really a who's who of talent on stage and in the audience. I enjoyed presenting 4 awards with Jeff and Sheri and as always Jeff was his funny self. We sang an encore performance with Karen Peck on Robe and Crown. The only thing that could have made it better was to have looked over and seen my father singing bass. As we exited the stage after our performance, I saw a group that I have always loved, "Point Of Grace". Beautiful ladies, who sing to the Glory of God and are examples to women everywhere. For awhile I shared the same label Word records but never knew them personally. When we stepped off the dark headed girl Leigh Cappillino said are you Kelly Nelon? Feeling a little shy I squeaked out yes I am. She said to the other girls, Denise Jones, and Shelly Breen, look you guys it's really Kelly Nelon. She started telling Karen and I that when they first started they loved The Nelons and that Leigh would be me and Denise was Karen. I stood there in amazement. She said our favorite song that you sang was Thanks and we ended our program with it. Here we are and I am thinking how much I loved their music and never had any idea that they knew who we were. It was such a compliment and it really made my day. And they were as nice as you could have imagined. I guess you never know who might be listening to your music, that is why we always strive to do the very best songs lyrically and musically. Point of Grace are my new best friends.... We tried to get a picture but there were no cameras in the well of backstage and they were up next to present, but it will always remain in my mind as one of the nicest compliments I have ever received.

We finished out the week doing photos with Aaron Cristler and Judy Nelon doing art direction. They turned out beautiful, and I was really thankful for all the help. Autumn liked Judy's (Grandy) Roast and potato's the best. We left there and finished with concerts on the weekend with Billy Hill and then in Collinwood with the Caltons (some of our dearest friends). Now back at home in Jacksonville, Fl for a few days to prepare for leaving again. Boy, I really love my life...I really do!!!!!


 Sometimes I wish to make the world more like Heaven, I want everyone to love me and keep others from hurting my children. I want to fix bad things, and bad situations. I want give joy to all. I want to make sick people well, making sure people have money, food and clothing. Then I realize I'm not God, and I can only do my part, I need to trust Him and have faith to leave it in His hands, knowing He knows best!

Kelly's God Encounter 

 Last night proved to be one of the most incredible God moments I have ever encountered. I spoke with a young 23 year old mother who had been trying to get in contact with me. She had been diagnosed several months before with a rare type of cancer that could have been put into remission except for one thing, she was pregnant. The doctors told her she would have to abort her baby to have the chemotherapy that she needed to live. She made the choice to allow her baby to live. After delivering a beautiful baby girl the doctors told her that the cancer had advanced to far, even into her brain and there was nothing they could do.

She shared with me a little of her personal story that truly was heart wrenching. She cried as she told me about being raised as a buddhist. Both of her parents are buddhists, and do not allow anything that has to do with Christianity in their home. As soon as she delivered her baby girl her husband left her, stating that he did not want to stay there and watch her die!

She is only allowed to see her baby 2 hours at a time, whenever her husband decides to bring her over. To make matters worse her parents don’t get along with her husband and if they so choose they could stop him from visiting at all. I wish I could convey to you the heartache this young woman has been living with.

During her pregnancy she had been on the internet searching words like life, live, choose life, and through this search she stumbled upon the song (my husband) Jason wrote for Autumn “I Choose To Live”, which she found on

I Choose To Live
Vs1 I know there are a lot of things I’ve yet to figure out
But as I live I’m learning more of what life is all about
They say life is full of choices
You have to live with the ones you make
So if I have to choose
Here are some choices that I’ve made

CH I choose to laugh instead of cry
I choose to spread my wings and learn to fly
To love rather than hate
To see the good and not complain
I choose to take a chance and risk it all
Get up again after a fall
I’m throwing caution to the wind
I choose to live

Vs2 Everyday I make decisions some big and some small
But I’m glad I’ve made up my mind
On the greatest one of all
I gave my heart and life to Jesus
I have no doubt that he died for me
Since I’ve been forgiven
I am living abundantly

CH I choose to laugh instead of cry
I choose to spread my wings and learn to fly
To love rather than hate
To see the good and not complain
I choose to take a chance and risk it all
Get up again after a fall
I’m throwing caution to the wind
I choose to live

Brdge - Thirty or forty or maybe even fifty years from now
I pray the choices that I’ve made will help somebody
In someway or somehow

CH I choose to laugh instead of cry
I choose to spread my wings and learn to fly
To love rather than hate
To see the good and not complain
I choose to take a chance and risk it all
Get up again after a fall
I’m throwing caution to the wind
I choose to live

Words/Music by Jason Clark
Songs 961 Music Publishing,
Haun and Ward Music / BMI 2010

It touched her heart so deeply that she started looking at our website, to find out all about us.

The doctors have recently called hospice in and she told me she is living at her parents’ home and that is where she will die. She said I feel like a prisoner here, they only let me go outside 1 day a week just for a few minutes at a time. “Life is extremely hard for me right now”, she said. “I am in terrible pain around the clock.” She begged her nurse to give her some medicine that would just put her out completely. Her nurse has been what she calls her angel. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Angel as we will call her, asked her if there was something she wanted before she died or if she could do something for her. The young mother said, “the one thing I would like to do is meet Kelly Nelon Clark, but I know that is not possible because my parents would not even let her in, but if I could just talk to her.”

Last night God answered her prayer! Angel (the nurse) went and bought her a cell phone with prepaid minutes and got the number to me. I am still overwhelmed at all of this, and I cry as I write it. We talked for a while as she told me all the events of her life. She wept as she told me she was afraid to go to sleep at night because she might not wake up. At this statement I said, “you don’t have to worry about that, because you will wake up in the arms of Jesus. You are a Christian right?” And at that she said no! My heart kind of stopped, you know I guess I just assumed that she was. Why did I assume that? I don’t know, except that she was now listening to Gospel music, but we all need to realize that we are not saved because of this great music, or because our parents are saved, or even because we go to church every week. It is a personal relationship.

So, I asked her if she wanted to be saved and she said yes. I began to share with her the simple gospel and she prayed after me the most innocent, precious prayer that I am sure God was rejoicing over!

Praise God we now have a new sister in Christ and she no longer has to worry with fear about going to sleep. She will now absolutely wake up in the arms of our Savior. How great is that????

I am totally overwhelmed that God gave me the privilege to speak with her and lead her to our loving Lord.

I cannot disclose any information on her because it would cause so much trouble in her life, but God knows all the details. One thing you can do is pray for her. Pray for her healing. God is still healing everywhere today and I believe He can! Pray for her family’s salvation. Pray for her comfort.

One last note, she named her daughter after Autumn, Amber and me, all put together in one name. It so touched my heart!

“God help me to be more aware of those around me, ready to share Your love with anyone and everyone you bring into my circle of life. Help me to choose to live” Amen

Kelly Nelon Clark


 Hi everyone! It has been a beautiful busy day today. We have friends here, and we are leaving tonight for the weekend!

This is my favorite time of year, the time of celebrating the resurrection of our precious Lord! Everything around looks like life. The grass is turning green the trees are starting to flower and the flowers are blooming.

We have hummingbirds in our backyard! Can you believe the irony of singers having birds that hum in the backyard? One thing I wasn't too proud of was that I looked in the pond and I thought I saw the head of a turtle, and then realized that it was a snake!!!!! I hate snakes!!!!! Oh well, let all creation sing His praise.

Well check back, I will be giving updates here. You never know what I am going to tell you about! hahahahha

Happy Easter Everyone!


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